Search Overview: What are keywords?

Written By Guilherme de Andrade (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 3rd, 2017

Why use keywords?

Keywords are a great way to make your knowledge base a bit more searchable. From the software point of view Helpjuice is really easy and boosting up your search is really easy to use. This helps us deliver an amazingly powerful and instant search. This is especially valuable to your users as they will actually find the answer they are looking for. This will help save you time and promote user engagement.

Let's say you have an article "How to install Helpjuice". Now let's say your article title nor answer doesn't use the words "Intergrating Helpjuice" or "Javascript widget".You can add these two phrases as keywords to make sure your users find the right article they are looking for. Below is a demonstration on how to add keywords to your article:

That's all!